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hello this is mod speaking

Sep. 10th, 2011 | 01:07 pm

what's up

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Aug. 24th, 2011 | 05:46 pm


01 Stan/Kyle - Roleplaying as teacher/student + spanking
02 Stan/Kyle - First time jerking off
03 Kyle/Stan - Kyle is turned into a lady and Cartman rags on him hxc.
04 Stan/Kyle - Watersports!!!
05 Stan/Kyle - Stan visits South Park after the finale.
06 Stan/Kyle - Young!Stan and Kyle babysit Older!Stan and Kyle's baby.
07 Kyle/Stan baby! - ADORABLE ART for fill #15.
08 Stan/Kyle - MORE adorable art for #15!
09 Stan/Kyle - Stan gets Kyle tipsy.
10 Stan/Kyle - Stan shares everything with Kyle, including his foreskin.
11 Stan/Kyle - Art fill for #31, tipsy Kyle being seductive.
12 Stan/Kyle - Stan is a protective father!
13 Stan/Kyle - Kyle is neurotic about wearing his hat, and Stan is obsessed with glimpsing Kyle's hair.
14 Stan/Kyle - Art fill - Stan shows his love for Kyle through song.
15 Stan/Kyle - Stan has a Fun With Veal-type issue during his 20's, and Kyle has a different approach to it this time
16 Stan/Kyle - Cartman spies on Kyle and witnesses something he didn't expect.
17 Bebe/Kyle, Stan/Kyle - Kyle is feeling insecure and inexperienced. His friend Bebe comes through for him.
18 Stan/Kyle - Stan cares for rescued harem boy Kyle after he's traumatized by life in Cartman's kingdom.
19 Stan/Kyle - Conviced Stan is vanilla to his core, Kyle doesn't bring up his blossoming interest in BDSM for a long time. When he finally does, they're both surprised by how naturally Stan adapts to being super dominant.
20 Stan/Kyle - Stan cares for traumatized Kyle, who is acting like a cat.
21 Stan/Kyle - Mutual masturbation/phone sex
22 Stan/Kyle - Genderbending, period cramps, hurt/comfort.
23 Stan/Kyle - Foot fetish
24 Stan/Kyle - Stan and Kyle spend the whole day fucking.
25 Stan/Kyle - Kyle has little boobies. Stan wants to grab them
26 Stan/Kyle - Kyle is an elf prince and Stan is his loyal warrior
27 Stan/Kyle - Stan and Kyle both kink on Kyle being majorly mpregged by Stan
28 Stan/Kyle - Stan and Kyle look after baby Kenny when he is reborn.
29 Stan/Kyle - Harry Potter AU! Stan and Kyle (and others) go to Hogwarts!
30 Stan/Kyle - Omega verse AU! Kyle goes into his first heat on a camping trip, and only Stan's alpha dick will do.

01 Stan/Kyle/Wendy - Truth or dare leads to more??
02 Tweek/Kyle/Stan -
Kyle and Stan make a move on Tweek ~OR~ Kyle and Stan adopt a "puppy."
03 kenny/cartman/butters - Kenny does his best to perv on Butters while stuck in Cartman's body
04 Cartman/Kyle, Stan/Kyle - Cartman tries to make Stan believe that Kyle is a girl
05 Craig/everyone, Kenny/everyone - Craig and Kenny battle to see who is the toppiest top using their classmates as the battlefield
06 Butters/Kenny/Cartman/Stan/Kyle - It's the end of the world and it's time for an orgy.
07 Craig/Clyde/Kenny - Craig is in love with Clyde's mouth and thinks Kenny should be, too.
08 Kenny/Cartman, Kenny/Butters - Kenny helps Cartman and Butters work through their daddy issues.

Craig's Group
01 Token/Clyde - Token finds Clyde living in Denver.
02 Clyde/Butters - Marjorine about town.
03 Craig/Thomas - Craig gets off on Thomas and Thomas humors him, and blows him.
04 Craig/Clyde - A wake up call with the boys <3.
05 Token/Craig/Clyde/Tweek - The group tries to work out their dynamics before college with crazy sex and angst.
06 Tweek/Clyde/Craig - Drinking and desperation.
07 Craig/Kenny - Craig as a rent boy.
08 Clyde/Everyone - Clyde is starting to enjoy being everyone's first gay experience.
09 Clyde/Craig - Clyde and Craig get kinky in their Stick of Truth game roles.
10 Craig/Tweek - Craig dominates Tweek

01 Cartman/Kyle - Hatesex with cookies.
02 Cartman/Kyle, Stan/Kyle, Woodland Critters/Cartman. I'm just gonna list the warnings for this lovely beast: Potential dub-con, abuse, bondage, gallons o'cum, jerking off, spanking, bestiality, reference to 'The City on the Edge of Forever' and abuse of story cliches.
03 Kyle/Cartman - Kyle TSSSSSSTs Cartman
04 Cartman/Kyle - NON-CON, Cartman's thought process when he attacks Kyle.
05 Cartman/Kyle - Cartman kidnaps Kyle while battling him for the Stick of Truth and "tortures" him for information. Kyle gets a boner.

01 Kenny/Kyle - Kyle tries to top
02 Pip/Damien - Pip crossdresses in hell.
03 Ike, Kenny - are brosephs. (2 fills, scroll down)
04 Kevin Stoley, Dougie, others - preparing for Cartmanday in South Park Smiley Town
05 Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters, Cartman, Clyde - The boys make their way through a haunted house.
06 Kenny/Marjorine - Sexy art fill of the boys in their superhero/villain alter-egos.
07 Mysterion/Kyle - 16 year old Kyle has his memory jogged.
08 Shelly/Larry(Kenny) - Larry Feegan uses Kenny's body to make contact with Shelly.
09 Gregory/Christophe - Scrappy, dirty sex.
10 Kenny/Various - Five sexual firsts for Kenny.
11 Kenny/Butters - Butters lets Kenny see him dress as a girl, and one day it leads to more.
12 Stan/Wendy - Their first heavy petting session.
13 Kyle, Stan, Kenny - Kyle is still dealing with the HumanCentiPad trauma, and his friends are trying to figure out how to help him.
14 Cartman/Cartman - "Jennifer Lopez" gives Cartman a hand.
15 Bebe/Kyle - ART FILL accompaniment to this amazing fill.
16 Mysterion/Butters - Whenever Butters gets grounded, he gets a late night visit from Mysterion.
17 Kenny/Kyle - Kyle loses a bet with Kenny so he has to keep a vibrator up his ass for all of school one day. Everytime Kyle is speaking or doing something, Kenny turns it on and Kyle goes nhghghhhhh.
18 Christophe/Kyle - French dirty talk
19 Scott/Terrance, Scott/Phillip - "You're such a dick, Scott."
20 Wendell/Erica - Wendell uses a dildo on Erica
21 Butters/Douchebag from Stick of Truth - Arousing healing session!
22 Kenny/Kyle - Kyle loses a bet. Kenny makes him go to school with a vibrating egg in his ass.
23 Kenny/Butters - Butters thinks Kenny deserves a kiss.

1. if you don't like my summaries of your fic just say so and I will change it. If I have forgotten to list your fill, contact me and I will list it.

2. contact the mod here or here

3. the mod encourages any kind of prompt for any kind of kink.
3a. however the mod can and will delete anything the mod finds wanky. If you're not sure if something you're about to post is wanky, go ahead and post it anyway and we'll find out. If you disagree with one of the mod's decisions, you can contact the mod, but please remind yourself first that 'wank' is basically subjective and participation in this kinkmeme is completely voluntary.


5. Follow the kink meme on Tumblr for updates on new fills and prompts!

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